At 20th Century Bowl we are committed to your health and safety while visiting us. Based on guidelines issued by the state of Washington and national bowling center best practices, we have re-opened with limited hours and new protocols for staff and patrons. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and abide.

Note: Any patrons found in violation of these new policies will be asked to leave and will be suspended from returning to the center during this phase of operations.


Only registered League bowlers and Practice Club members will be permitted to bowl at this time. No guests or spectators are permitted during this phase of re-opening. We also request that you call the center to reserve a time-slot and lane to bowl. This will help us communicate any adjustments made to League timing and availability and ensure that we do not exceed capacity.

Capacity & Safety Requirements

We are restricted to a maximum of 2 bowers per lane, but by doing so we can open all 16 lanes. You will be checked in at the front desk and assigned a sanitized lane and seating area. All house balls and rental shoes are sanitized between play and stored behind the front counter.

These are the requirements of bowlers once you have been checked in.

  • All bowlers are required to sign in (with contact information) to visit the center and to confirm their understanding of and agreement to the guidelines.
  • Only approved masks that fully cover nose and mouth are permitted – no tee-shirts pulled up, etc. (Note: At this time we cannot accommodate no-mask medical conditions.)
  • All bowlers (and staff) must wear masks 100% of the time at the center. The only exception is while drinking or eating – not during conversation.
  • Once you have been assigned your lane, you are required to stay in that area. The only exception is to use the restrooms, or to close out your tab.
  • The cafe area is closed for general seating or orders. You can place your order at check-in, or flag down a staffer to order during play.
  • To place an order from the cafe, or if you need any assistance (scoring, stuck balls, pin resets), please wave the flowers from your lane area to attract staff attention.
  • Absolutely no visiting other lanes.

If your party wants to play on a pair of lanes (league-style), please make that clear when you make your reservation. Pricing is the same, but dependent on lane availability.

Practice Club

Practice Club membership is FREE, but requires that you visit the center and meet with an employee to join. We will require a valid form of ID, will record your information, discuss policies and have you sign in. You will receive a Practice Club membership card & member number. Please reference your member number when making reservations.

League Play

League captains have all been briefed on the expectations of League play and protocol. Because of the limitations on capacity and reduced participation, we expect League play to move quickly. League bowlers (at this time) receive no discounts on practice time, but as demand increases and restrictions relax, this will be revisited. The current participation in Leagues is low enough that we can currently complete a League night in a single session, but if more players join, Leagues will need to split into two sessions per night.


The arcade is closed until further notice and the jukebox is disabled for touch play. During non-league play the jukebox is enabled, but requires users to use the TouchTunes application to pay for and to select songs. Download the TouchTunes application and setup and account here.

Further Information

The staff is happy to explain all of our COVID policies and protocols if asked. Visit the front desk or call us for more information.

While we understand that some of these requirements are more stringent than other public locations, we are fortunate to be opened at all – just a month ago, bowling in WA state was to be shut down until Phase 4. Please do your part to help ensure that we can both remain open and also move towards fewer restrictions.