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Youth League Starts Fall 2019

Our youth league will start up again in September. Youth leagues are open to kids 7 to 19 years old.


What bowling has to offer:

  • Bowling provides over $6 million in scholarships each year.
  • Over 18.8 million youth bowl each year.
  • High school and college bowling are amongst the fastest growing high school and college sports.
  • Youth who participate in high school bowling programs, are more likely to go to college and bowl
    in a collegiate program and are more likely to finish a college degree.
  • Over 220 colleges offer bowling at the collegiate level.
  • Over 10 million kids attend bowling birthday parties each year.
  • Bowling promotes math skills and science skills.
  • There are no barriers to participation and no one sits on the bench in league bowling.
  • Three games of bowling equal 1 mile of walking.
  • Bowling uses 134 muscles.

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