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Youth League Starts Fall 2019

Our youth league will start up again in September. If you would like to be notified when youth league starts, complete the notification form below and we will notify you when it gets close. Completing the form is not a commitment to bowling in a league. Youth leagues are open to kids 7 to 19 years old.

What Bowling has to Offer

  • Bowling provides over $6 million in scholarships each year.
  • Over 18.8 million youth bowl each year.
  • High school and college bowling are amongst the fastest growing high school and college sports.
  • Youth who participate in high school bowling programs, are more likely to go to college and bowl in a collegiate program and are more likely to finish a college degree.
  • Over 220 colleges offer bowling at the collegiate level.
  • Over 10 million kids attend bowling birthday parties each year.
  • Bowling promotes math skills and science skills.
  • There are no barriers to participation and no one sits on the bench in league bowling.
  • Three games of bowling equal 1 mile of walking.
  • Bowling uses 134 muscles.


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